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Typeface design.


Designing of new typefaces.

Preparation and publication of designed and ready-to-install fonts.

Designing of custom and corporate typefaces for brands and companies.


Vertigo | Typeface design

Adam Ryszewski.


Creator of Vertigo.

Designer, graduate and lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice in the Department of Graphic Design. Specialist in advertising, the image of brands and companies as well graphic design and typhography. Creator of many advertising projects and campaigns since the beginning of the 90s. Present in the encyclopedia Who Is Who in Poland - a lexicon containing biographies of personalities from public life, economy, politics, science and culture. Founder and longtime director of an Silesian advertising agency (1994-2018). He designed for such brands as Canon, ITW Automotive OEM, Angelini (Tantum Verde), Tauron, Ospel, Alpinus, Alpla, Fuchs Oil Corporation, Aldi, Dwór Kukuczka, PZU, Direct Design and many others.
Creator of usatravel.pl - a brand operating on the American market, organizing sightseeing events around the USA.
Publicist, author of numerous articles for Business Polska on advertising, brand and company image, and graphic design. His work has been presented at many exhibitions, including Polish Poster Biennale, Cyberwolves and many others. He is also a musician, guitarist, graduate of the Music School of M. Karłowicz in Katowice.

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Why Vertigo?


Because your business deserves good design and good advertising.

Vertigo | Creative advertising agency

Typeface design.

Building the image of brands and companies.
Graphic design.
Web design.
Advertising strategies.
Creation of ads and advertising campaigns.
Printing and production of advertising materials.

Creating personas.


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Creative advertising agency.

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Vertigo | Adam Ryszewski

Knowledge and experience.


Invaluable attributes when choosing a partner to work with. They guarantee that you will go in the right direction and that your business will grow. The experience gained throughout many years while working on projects for famous brands and companies guarantees that by working with Vertigo... you will achieve your goal.

Vertigo | Knowledge and experience

Graphic design.


Web design.
Designing publications, catalogs, folders, corporate publications, POS.

Packaging design.



Photography and 3D visualizations.


Development of 3D visualizations.
Studio and outdoor photo sessions.




Printing in any technique, also from entrusted materials - offset, digital, screen printing and printing supervision.
Production of advertising materials.


Creation and production of advertising campaigns.


Comprehensive preparation of advertising campaigns. Developing scripts for television and radio commercials as well as key visual ads.

Vertigo | Creation and production of advertising campaigns
Vertigo | Printing
Vertigo | Photography and 3D visualizations

Building personas.


Personal consultancy in the field of becoming a public figure. Preparation for public speaking
Emphasizing: speaking skills, body language, stress management, appearance, self-confidence. Either one-time training or constant care.



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Vertigo | Building personas

Image of brands and companies.


Creating a brand identity.

Building a corporate identity, logo creation.

Launching new brands into the market.

Image creation.


Vertigo | Image of brands and companies
Vertigo | Graphic design

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